Voyager Energy Solutions

Thoughts on how Voyager can help you grow…


Improve staff working efficiency by varying colors and temperatures which have been proven through studies to increase mood, outlook and overall physical performance of the human body.

Improve operational safety of employees by having adequate lighting conditions for the working environment which directly correlates to on the job injuries.

Improve product manufacturing and quality control by varying light to allow for better visualization during the manufacturing process and in quality control prior to release to the consumer.


Reduce the net lighting energy and maintenance cost by more than 50% by switching to high efficient LED lighting.

Dramatically reduce lighting maintenance and allow staff to focus on core operational functions.

Improve the buildings overall asset value through lower operating costs and improved building functionality. This supports long term tenancy and higher lease rates over time.

By adding high efficient LED lights you reduce the impact on the HVAC system by reduction of heat within the building caused by inefficient high heat lamps.


Businesses and Buildings that are equipped with high efficient LED lights have a more visible and professional appearance, drawing attention from potential consumers or tenants.

Indicates a smaller carbon footprint due to the lower energy usage, showing the business or building as “Eco friendly.”

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